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Every Moonlighting Teachers show is a fast-moving sequence of original songs, song parodies and skits, written by Cheryl Miller Thurston, with contributions from cast members. Heather Stenner composes the music, along with Thurston.

Thurston is a winner of the Northwest Writers’ Conference Children’s Playwright Award and has had many plays both published and produced, including her musical A Frog King’s Daughter Is Nothing to Sneeze At, which was performed at the Seattle Center. Her book of poems about teaching, Hide Your Ex-Lax Under the Wheaties, was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award. She is also the author of many supplemental textbooks for teachers.




Co-composer Stenner is a singer/musician who toured with Up with People. She is a former Colorado music teacher who has won many awards for her teaching. She also performs onstage with Moonlighting Teachers.

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